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SweatNET Seattle is Seattle’s largest fitness and health focused network. Becoming a member has many amazing benefits. Use the search below to find in-network Seattle fitness studios with amazing deals and offers!

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Sweat Talks: Kristin Ratnofsky

SweatNET sits down with Kristin Ratnofsky, Owner of CrossFit Cornelius, Creator of C2FHIT, a sports nutritionist and Whole 30 coach to chat all things...

Increased Consumption of Sugary Beverages Linked to Higher Risk of Mortality

According to a study published on March 18, 2019 by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the more sugar sweetened...

The Chaotic Rollercoaster Ride of Self-Healing

Yesterday we wrapped up my Yoga Adventure in Bali with The Travel Yogi. Right now I’m sitting on a plane on my...

Meditations: Refresh + Reset w/Carianna

Join Carianna and come alive with the season of spring through breath work and a 14- minute guided visual meditation to tune...
My name is Jackie Stanciu but you probably know me as Jackie Minni on social media. No, its not Minni for Minnie Mouse. However, I am a huge Disney fan. Minni...
We recently hit PT Center South End for a session with DPT Smith Christenbury. Smith's practice is located at the New Medical Plaza in South End (2400 South Blvd), between Cannon Pharmacy and Off Broadway Shoes. The...
A guided meditation to bring your awareness into the present moment through attention to your breath.  Practice your ability to “stay the witness” by allowing yourself to slow down and just notice and observe without judgment.  

Fitness classes in Seattle no longer need to be scary! SweatNET exists to make healthy lifestyles more affordable and accessible for our local communities. SweatNET exists to break down the barriers to find healthy options. If all you want to do is Yoga in Seattle, or find the best crossfit gym in Seattle, SweatNET can help with that and save you money at the same time. Seattle fitness is for everyone.

Connect to the fitness ambassadors in Seattle

Seattle is full of amazing people doing some truly inspirational things. SweatNET shares the stories of instructors, personal trainers, entrepreneurs, and others living the healthy (sweaty) lifestyle so you can connect directly with these individuals. You should never have to go to a fitness class with the fear of not knowing anyone or what to expect. SweatNET wants you to connect directly or indirectly with these fitness ambassadors. Let their stories inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you to experience the many healthy balanced lifestyle options in Seattle.

Discover what works for you

Fitness, health and everything that these ideas entail are NOT one-size-fits-all. Discovering what works for you and what is right for you is no longer a challenge. Fitness should no longer be intimidating – SweatNET is here to address that. Easily browse the hundreds of local businesses in our network. Learn about the fitness stories from others like you and discover your own routines, sweat spots, and balanced eats. Discover who motivates you and keep coming back to your favorite instructors and studios.

Save with the power of the network

Fitness can be very expensive. SweatNET is here to change that. Leveraging the power of the network, SweatNET negotiates directly with the studios, businesses, and individuals so that you can get remarkable, exclusive rates at your favorite locations. A SweatNET membership not only gives you discounts but it also provides access to FREE workouts, group social activities, private events, and other amazing benefits. The membership is designed to pay for itself to save you a LOT of cash. Join now for only $9.95

Motivate others within your community

SweatNET is a social platform that runs off of the power of people and community. Much like a group fitness class, your presence inspires and motivates others to achieve their own individual goals. If you elect, your activity will appear in our feeds and on our media. The more you sweat and participate in in-network activities the more recognition and kudos you will gain.

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