#WorkingWomenWednesday: the fitness edition will spotlight inspirational women of health and fitness. I started this series because I admire so many women in the Charlotte fitness community and a lot of them probably don’t even know how much they motivate me.

This month’s feature is Helen Baddour. I met Helen late last year at a health event here in Charlotte and we hit it off immediately! She’s a busy lawyer by day but she doesn’t let anything get in the way of her fitness. Here’s why Helen is this month’s #WorkingWomenWednesday feature.

Helen is a runner. As long as she can remember it has been a part of her life. She can recall getting up early in middle school to go jogging with her dad and his friends. Helen was a cross-country captain in high school. She ran her first half marathon her junior year of college. During law school she started training for her first full marathon. Helen has a blog called Chasing Helen that she started last March when she found out she had qualified for the Boston Marathon. She beat her PR by 25 minutes and realized it was because she was cross-training. She has been teaching her own boot camp class, doing yoga, taking spin classes and all of this ultimately improved her endurance and speed.

Helen is naturally a motivating spirit; full of so much positivity. Her friends kept asking for workouts and inspiration to get up for runs. This is how Chasing Helen was born. Chasing Helen is more than just a catchy creative name for a running blog. It’s about setting goals and doing things that get you there and that incredible feeling you get when you chase it down! For in reality we are really chasing ourselves (our goals) Helen is chasing Helen!

This lawyer/blogger/runner has lived in Charlotte for less than a year, but she’s already made her home in the Charlotte fitness community*. Through Instagram she connected with many fitness people in the area.  Her blog @chasinghelen helped her connection as well.  Through a friend, she was introduced to Jamey Yon who has a run group and became friends with a group of 30-40runners who show up every Wednesday morning at 5:30. Now if that doesn’t motivate you I don’t know what does!

Shortly meeting Jamie Scott of Jamie Scott Fitness-Southend she found her “gym family.” She also was introduced to Fit Atelier who sell workout clothes and promote fitness.

Now almost a year after starting her blog she’s she is thriving among like-minded people in Charlotte and preparing for the Boston Marathon this April.

Helen likes to write a lot about mental strength and overall wellbeing because this is a way to connect with many people across the fitness community. What resonated with me the most during our meeting was when she said “You have to struggle some days or you won’t grow.” Her advice to runners just starting out is that it’s not about how fast you are.  Speed comes with time. She suggests focusing on why you’re running and everything else will fall into place.

For more follow Helen on Instagram @chasinghelen!

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Asia Pitts
I started my fitness journey my senior year of high school and never looked back. I attended Winthrop University where I studied Exercise Science and with that came an internship that changed my life for the better. Over the summer of 2017 I worked in Charlotte as a Personal Trainer at a Performance Gym and this is when I discovered the Charlotte fitness community on Instagram. I knew I wanted to be apart of it and it didn't take long for my friendships on Instagram to evolve into real life. I currently work full-time at Carolina Yoga in Fort Mill as the social media manager and marketing coordinator and both of my passions (marketing and fitness) get to coexist together. When I'm not working I'm practicing yoga, trying out a new fitness class, or finding plant-based recipes on Pinterest.