When I think of Kickboxing I think of punches to the face, blood, and pain. At 9Round in Cornelius, there was no blood, no pain, but a whole lot of sweat and spent calories.

The real deal is when you put on boxing gloves! After each round I was able to increase coordination and timing. We used speed bags to develop shoulder conditioning and speed, something that I had never tried before.  For 30 minutes, we never stopped moving.

The workouts incorporate a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimen. I was able to focus my intensity with each station during my workout boosting my stamina and endurance. The music is uplifting and keeps you going just when you feel like giving up.

9Round gives you the opportunity to show up at our convenience; there are no class times and they slide you right in. The trainer showed us how to do each exercise based on our own fitness levels. Every three minutes we moved to the next exercise station. After 9 different stations, the 30-minute full-body workout was over. It was INTENSE!

If you are looking to punch stuff and relieve some stress make sure to check 9Round located in Cornelius, Denver, Mooresville, and NoDa.

9Round is a SweatNET affiliate, and offers significant discounts to SweatNET members.

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Jennifer Veliz Gomez
My name is Jennifer Veliz-Gomez, I was born in Guatemala but was raised in the Lake Norman area. I am currently a student working on my bachelor's degree to work in the fitness industry. I grew up playing a multitude of sports and now I don't like staying still. I enjoy CrossFit and weight-lifting, but love exploring new challenges, and getting out of my comfort zone. I occasionally run 5ks with friends for the heck of it. My second passion is definitely meeting, and connecting with new people through fitness and at breweries. I'm married and am a fur baby momma of an eight-month-old chocolate lab. He is super energetic and if you get the chance to ever meet him you'll get jumped on and get licked on the face (we're working on it lol). I aspire to have a career in the fitness industry and inspire others, I live a healthy lifestyle and want my passion, hobby, and work to collide.