The conversation went something like this:

Her: “I need to work on my core. What do y’all recommend?”

Me: “Oh I LOVE megaformer workouts for core, [goes on and on about it]”

Her: “But is it a good workout?”

WHAAT?!? Insert confused look because I honestly didn’t know how to answer. I mean, I think it’s a great workout, I’m sore, I’m sweating, I’m shaking. I see definition after a few classes. But I don’t burn a lot of calories and I didn’t lift anything heavy….

Which made me think, what a complex question: “Is it a good workout?” You’ve probably asked yourself or someone else this same thing. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer because it is up to you and how you define what makes a “good workout.” We’ve all heard it before: You make your workout.

I am a CrossFit athlete and coach, and everyone knows we lift heavy and sweat like a sinner in church (okay, maybe just me). But I also love to try new workouts because I define a good workout by how strong and sore I feel afterward. This could be from getting uncomfortable pulsing it out at a barre class, a METCON that knocks me on my butt or even the 5 lb bar that feels like 50 in a cycle class. I use yoga for stretching and meditation, but I’ll be damned if yoga doesn’t make you strong AF,  I just never saw it as a “good workout.” See what I did there?

So how do you define a “good workout”?

How many calories you burned?
What was your heart rate?
Did you sweat a lot?
Are you sore?
Did you lift heavy?
How long was the workout?
Were you challenged?

How far did you run?
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Ericka Houck
Ericka is a Pisces pescatarian who is Golden State born and Tar Heel bred. After graduating with a degree in public relations from UNC Charlotte, she left the nest and headed north to Pittsburgh with her main squeeze, where she worked for the National Aviary (also known as a bird zoo) as a marketing associate, and interned for Robert Morris University and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It didn't take long before she quickly realized her body and her driving skills weren't built for the cold, and she headed back to the 704 with her boo, where they bought a house in Chantilly, had a few babies and the rest is history. The Steel City will always hold a special place in her heart, though, it is also where she drank the CrossFit kool-aid and never looked back. With a CrossFit L1 under her belt, her fitness goals include completing her CrossFit Kids certification, running the Charlotte Half in 2018, empowering moms to embrace and love their new normal, and joining a local non-profit board.