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Supporter, leader, or both is a choice many are faced with when deciding upon a career path and the position they can see themselves filling. However, as a fitness professional, I believe the moment one decides to work in this industry, you sign up for both. Let’s think about it. Whether it be a dietician, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, or athletic training coach, it requires the person to support, motivate, and demonstrate what it is they are asking their clients to practice.

As a certified fitness professional, with over 8 years of experience, I firmly see my position with my clients, community, and colleagues as one of their leaders. Therefore, I actively seek to cultivate my leadership skills and have 9 attributes that I believe it’s important for me to house. I also would like to encourage other leaders to welcome/ acquire these traits. The traits are listed below.

C’Yo’s 9 most important Leadership Attributes:
1. Set an example
2. Seek growth
3. Be humble
4. Have courage
5. Be passionate
6. Possess benevolence
7. Have integrity
8. Practice empathy
9. Love

In addition to me being intentional about leading, I fuel myself daily with my personal mantra: “Me + We = US.” It’s with that belief that I am able to honor what I consider my social responsibility and that’s to make a positive contribution that will help shape the experience of humanity.

Stay tuned for two awesome events that C’Yo Brown will be hosting (tickets will be discounted for members)! 

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C'Yo Brown
Corey C’Yo Brown, better known as C'Yo is an innovative and leading fitness specialist with over 6 years of professional experience. He is a multi-faceted modern day family man who believes that being fit and healthy is an obtainable lifestyle for every one to achieve. The value in what he offers to the fitness arena is not only found best through experiencing his one of a kind contagious energy, but also through his diverse background as being a father of two, working in media, as a dancer, fitness physique competitor, and model. C'Yo's experience as a fitness professional enables him to facilitate a wide range of fitness programs from personal training, to cardiovascular, strength and total body group fitness classes. However, because of his career as a professional dancer, he is becoming widely known for his originally designed and trademarked Urban Cardio Dance (UCD) class. C’Yo believes that we are all interconnected and states “anything that one does will inevitably have some type of impact on the next person, whether big, minute, direct or indirect.” It is this belief that fuels his mantra, “ME plus WE equals US.” With this belief, Brown has made it one of his goals to share his motto with everyone he encounters through encouraging health and wellness enhanced by group dynamics.