“HAVE FUN, BE AMAZING” – our company’s mantra but it’s meaning is deeper than the implied simplicity. When my husband and I explored partnering with Juice Bar we were met with vibrant people about the business of encouraging folks to live their best, healthiest life. Do you have an element of ‘Fun’ in your life? It’s not only healthy to your body but relief to your heart and soul as well. Folks who report having an element of fun also claim to have lower levels of stress. Well who doesn’t want that? It doesn’t mean these folks have less challenge or hardship but it does mean their mindset is different.

The little green heart 💚 is a part of our logo; heart is a part of everything we do. Having a mindset of love towards others and yourself will help you prioritize ‘Fun’ in your life. Fully showing up with HEART can help bring cheer to the not so cheerful moments of life and that, we believe, is ‘BEing AMAZING’. We at Juice Bar CLT want to encourage you towards seeking a balanced life that’s full of abundance and health. Such a life requires us to seek FUN and BE AMAZING. This mantra inspired us, and it is our hope it inspires you as well!

At I Love Juice Bar we have green hearts and green juice of course but so much more! While our Green Smoothie (apple juice + coconut milk + pineapple + banana + spinach + kale + lemon) is by far our most popular drink we offer more than green juices and smoothies. Our menu also features a variety of juices, smoothies, cleanses, bowls, wellness shots and grab n’ go foods that are always vegetarian, gluten-free and organic when possible. All will have you feeling AMAZING.

Jessica and her husband Brian, co-owners of Juice Bar CLT, are NC born Charlotte area locals with a passion for helping others live their healthiest lives. They live in Belmont with their two kiddos and enjoy being out of doors as much as possible. Jessica is also the owner of Simply. yoga + wellness + massage also in Belmont.

Use your SweatNET membership at your closest Juice Bar to receive 20% off juice and smoothies!

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Jessica MacIntosh
Founder and Co-Owner of Simply. yoga + wellness Jessica discovered yoga at a young age. "I believe that people need to move and breathe and get quiet. They need to learn what they are capable of and feel supported to step out into the big things they were created for. We all need to connect; to our body, mind and spirit and to others.” A local gal born and raised, Jessica has deep roots in the Belmont area. She lives in Belmont with husband, Brian and kids, Logan and Izze. A lover of nature, Jessica is likely having an adventure with her family off in a forest or her newest hobby - standup paddle-boarding!