Dive Behind The Scenes of a Local Physical Therapy Business

Katie White, owner of One on One PT, has over 10 years of experience as a physical therapist. While working as a therapist in Charlotte, she recognized the need for a facility that put the patient first. Her passion to create a clinic that was patient centered and patient driven became her top priority. Charlotte One on One physical therapy opened its doors in November of 2017 and was built on the foundation of serving the community, serving the patient, and providing exceptional care. With the ever-changing field of health care and insurances policies, clinics are requiring a higher patient volume which means less individual time spent between clinician and patient. This ultimately requires the clinician to see multiple patients at one time. Charlotte One on One has resolved this issue by providing patients each with 45-60 minute individual treatment sessions, accepting all major insurance companies or the option of self-pay. Individualized treatment sessions allow for faster recovery and better communication between therapist and patient.

Another avenue lacking was the relationship between the fitness community and rehabilitation. We found that many people knew what a Chiropractor, MD, Personal trainer and a masseuse are able to do but not quite sure about what therapists do. We want to teach the community that physical therapy addresses each individual as a whole. Connecting the dots in your biomechanics to not only treat the ailment that led you to seek care, but provide you with the tools to prevent the pain from returning. We work with local personal trainers and fitness facilities to coordinate treatment to help you continue to perform optimally and prevent injuries.

One common myth is that you need a referral to see a therapist. In the state of North Carolina, we work through direct access meaning you can see a physical therapist prior to seeing a physician. This allows for less overall costs and quicker recovery due to the fact it decreases the total amount of time between initial injury and treatment. In addition, we offer free injury consultation to see if we believe it is something we can treat, or we need to refer out to a specialist.

The staff:
Katie White: Owner of One on One PT, Graduated with her doctorate (DPT) from Northeastern University in Boston, MA
– OCS: Orthopedic clinical specialist
– CSCS: certified in Strength and Conditioning
– Dry needling certified
– Kinesiotape certified
– IASTM: Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

Dry Needling Charlotte One On One TherapyIn addition to her professional accomplishments, she has several personal ones. Katie has ran in several marathons, half marathons, spartan races and is an avid member of burn boot camp to keep her fit in her spare time. She is just as busy in her home life taking care of two beautiful girls with her husband, Jared.

Melanie Ackerly is a recent addition to the practice. She graduated with her doctorate (DPT) from University of St. Augustine in St. Augustine, FL. Melanie has just over 5 years of experience and continues to strive for furthering her education to help her patients.
– MTC: Manual therapy certification
– SFMA Selective functional movement assessment
– Women’s health
– Dry Needling: beginning this month.

Melanie has recently moved to the Charlotte area with her husband, Addison. She has experience in fitness involving half marathons, spartan race, triathlons and now switches her workouts between Burn Bootcamp and Pride conditioning.

It is important to discuss their experiences with fitness as it relates to the general population. They understand the demands of everyday life, working a full-time job and trying to maintain or return to fitness. It is important to them that injuries are understood and that patients need encouraged they will return to the activities they love versus being discouraged.

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I have been a physical therapist for a little over 5 years. Originally moved from Cleveland, Ohio to study at the University of St Augustine where I got my doctorate in PT and went back for my manual therapy certification. The importance and love of fitness has been a crucial part of my life since I was little. From participating in sports to training for half marathons and triathlons, the love and need for sweat and challenges has no end. Fitness has had its ups and downs with personal injuries and health issues throughout the years but physical therapy has been helpful to keep me going and continuing my ongoing fitness pursuit without issues. I have been lucky enough to find a job that has allowed me to take my profession and help those that share the same passion. My goal is to be involved in the fitness community and teach others the importance of finding a good physical therapist that will not keep you from your goals but helps your body and mind achieve them.