I hit VIBE5 last week for a sweat. Check out their Studio Highlight below!

Classes Offered: 


  • Hot VIBE5 – hot power flow yoga
  • Warm VIBE5 – gently warmed (80 degrees) power flow yoga
  • Deep VIBE5 – deep stretch
  • New VIBE5 – fundamentals of yoga poses & vinyasa flow


  • Strong VIBE5 – power yoga, weights & TRX strength training


  • BootCamp VIBE5 – cardio & TRX strength training


  • Teen VIBE5 – postures, breath, meditation and mindfulness
  • GURU GIRLS Yoga at VIBE5 – for girls 4th – 8th grades, yoga-based program

Skill Levels:

All classes are appropriate for all levels. However, if you’ve never taken a yoga-style class before it is encouraged to begin with New VIBE5.

Class Size:

1 – 20 people


60-75 minutes

Equipment Needed/Attire:

It’s recommended you bring your own mat, but they do offer rentals if needed.

Wear any workout gear that makes you most comfortable! When doing Strong VIBE5 or BootCamp VIBE5, you may want to wear sneakers/athletic shoes, though optional.

VIBE5, located just around the corner from SouthPark Mall in South Charlotte is an amazing place to practice yoga and fitness. They’ve created an experience that goes beyond your typical yoga studio. With their sleek and modern look, warm and inviting staff, and dynamic, well-designed workouts you can’t do anything but have a good experience. Upon arriving, the front-desk staff checked me in and lead me to the cubbies located outside of the studio where I could leave my stuff. Or, if preferred, use the private locker rooms. Which, by the way, have private showers for before or after your workout, as you’ll get pretty sweaty. Overall, great space and super easy to navigate.

While VIBE5 has so many options, the class I chose to do was Strong VIBE5. It’s a combination of power yoga, weights & TRX strength training. Pretty much it’s a cross-training dream! It focuses on small muscle contractions and slow, controlled movements, with very little rest in-between. This high-intensity workout keeps your heart-rate elevated, which helps to increase cardio endurance, while the movements really strengthen and tone your muscles through time-under-tension.

Equipment Needed:

  • Mat
  • Yoga block
  • Set of heavy weights & medium weights
  • Sliders
  • Elastic band

Starting off with some cat-cow and power yoga flows to get the body warmed up, you’ll feel motivated and ready for more, as the instructor is encouraging you to push harder and go beyond what you think your body is capable of during the duration of the class. With upbeat remixes to popular songs playing you move into a variety of compound movements using weights, focusing on your legs, arms, back, and ab muscles. You’ll find you’re performing, and sometimes holding, a narrow squat (or chair pose) while doing a variety of arm exercises a lot during this class! Most of the movements are set up as super-sets, meaning you perform one exercise with weights and then move into a similar exercise without weights, but still focused on the same muscle. You’ll really feel this and be thankful for it once the class is over!

As you progress through the class, you continue to use the weights but incorporate sliders to do some additional leg work. I found the sliders to be a GREAT way to work my lower body and core at the same time. You’ll feel it more in your core then expect, as your body is engaging everything to keep you balanced. 

The last section before stretching and savasana used a little elastic band (or booty band as some call them). With it wrapped around our lower thighs we did a combination of slow and controlled low-squat side walks, clams, bridges, and kickbacks. Continuing to work the booty, while adding in targeted ab exercises, we did compound movements with the band around our ankles. All I can say is… you’ll know the muscles are working because you’ll feel it! To close out we relaxed on our mats and stretched at our own pace, all while having a nice cool, damp cloth resting over our eyes to help cool down (they hand these out right before savasana).

Overall, this class worked my entire body in just an hour and I broke a pretty good sweat. Not to mention, the instructor was so encouraging and helpful throughout the workout. She really wanted you to get the most out of the class and be the best version of yourself before, during, and after the class. Great workout, great instructor, great experience!

Quick side note, the room was pretty hot since the class before was Hot VIBE5, and heated classes are 100+ degrees. So, if you don’t like the room too hot then choose your class accordingly and make sure it doesn’t follow a hot yoga class.

If you’re interested in joining an encouraging, upbeat, close-knit community that values the mixture yoga and strength training, VIBE5 is the place for you! For first-timer’s your class is free, plus they run a new client special that’s $35 for 1 month unlimited. If you’re new to yoga all together, they’re hosting a 6-week, 90-minute workshop that teaches the foundations of power yoga. Check it out for more information: https://vibe5fitness.com/workshops/.

If you just want to stop in a check it out, you can always use your SweatNET membership to save $5 on the drop in price! $15 Drop In (Save $5).

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Jenna Colkitt
I grew up playing a multitude of sports and being extremely active, up until college when I decided to go a different route. Through college I studied marketing and played intramural sports here and there to stay active. With my current marketing background, I am trying to pivot into the fitness industry and tie marketing in where I can. Currently I am studying for my NASM Certification and will have that by mid next year, or earlier. Ultimately, I am hoping to start kickstart my journey with SweatNET and make my mark in Charlotte.