Ever wonder what goes down at Charlotte Athletic Club? With two locations in Uptown Charlotte, they truly have something for everyone – whether you just need to get a quick sweat on your lunch break, are looking for 1 on 1 personal training or want to sign up for one of their many group fitness classes.

We had the opportunity to visit their Trade and Tryon location (101 S. Tryon St. #200) and pop into three different group class formats: TRX Bootcamp with Tara, Yoga Sculpt with Christopher and Bike, Bar & Bass (cycle) with Michelle. All three classes were completely different yet challenging in their own, awesome way.

TRX Bootcamp with Tara was high energy and challenging, yet modifications were offered and everyone was able to move at their own pace. We cycled through three different stations – sprints/bear crawls, bodyweight moves/wall balls and a TRX station with rows, lunges, etc.

In Yoga Sculpt with Christopher, we moved through a yoga flow using small hand weights to lengthen and strengthen the entire body.

Last but certainly not least, we hit a Bike, Bar & Bass class with Michelle. Her class was jam packed and you could tell every person in the room was working hard but having a good time.

We only had the chance to take a few group classes at Charlotte Athletic Club but they have even more classes to choose from! Head to their schedule to learn more about their full group class offerings.

SweatNET members can save on class packs at the Charlotte Athletic Club. Head to their page to learn more about the deals offered to SweatNET members!

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