Tried a class at the new CORE 704 in South End. Check out their studio highlight below!

Classes Offered:



Skill Level:

All levels

Class Size:



50 minutes

Equipment Needed/Attire:

Wear clothes you are comfortable sweating and working out in.

Gripper socks/Toe socks are required. You can bring your own or purchase them for only $10 at the studio.

Bring a water bottle or you can purchase a bottle of their water for $1

Towels are provided

Photo of CORE LKN, CORE 704’s sister location in Cornelius.

If you’re looking to SHAKE, then step into CORE 704! The premise of their CoreFormer class is to work your slow-twitch muscle fibers which are slow to fatigue, but you work them for an extend period of time. Pretty much until you’re shaking and you feel the burn, for real.  

You may already be familiar with CORE 704 from its original studio in Noda (aka Coreology), but the SouthEnd location brings a newer vibe, with much tighter springs. First thing to note is that there’s a very large parking lot (hallelujah!), so you should never have any trouble finding somewhere to park in the heart of SouthEnd. Second thing to note is that the studio is super clean, modern, and bright. I walked in to be greeted by the nicest staff ever! They showed me where to store my stuff and walked me into class. The studio layout is pretty straight forward with only one studio, so there’s no way to be confused, but always ask if needed.

The workout studio itself is dimly lit with the CoreFormer’s in a straight line across the studio from right to left. The vibe is super relaxing and warm, very much like a typical yoga studio, but don’t get it confused… you’re about to work.

As soon as the class starts you’re up in a plank position and your abs and shoulders are fired-up instantly. You move through a series of super-slow and super-controlled movements that work your entire body. The slower you go the more you’re going to feel it, so the instructors will encourage you to move at the slowest pace you possibly can. PLUS, the slower you move the less reps you actually have to perform!

Each class focuses on your legs (quads, hamstrings, inner & outer thighs), booty, abs, and arms. In the class I attended, we started off with a variety of plank movements and then moved into legs, then targeted abs and obliques, and finished with some arms. To close out you go through a series of stretches and give out some hi-five’s to your neighbors for accomplishing the workout and getting after it!

Overall, this is one of those workouts that you’ll definitely feel during and after! Don’t be discouraged if your first time isn’t perfect, the instructors will tell you that it takes about two to three classes to get familiar with the CoreFormer and learn to control your movements for the most effective workout. I highly recommend this if you love to feel the burn and want to seriously sculpt your body and become a stronger version of yourself!

Side note, if you’re up in the Huntersville/Cornelius area you can always visit their sister location CORE LKN:

New client’s can purchase a single-class for $25 or get a 3-class pass for $40 (normally $69)! Check out their website for more details:

If you just want to stop in and check it out, you can always use your SweatNET membership to save $7 on the drop in price! $18 Drop In.

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Jenna Colkitt
I grew up playing a multitude of sports and being extremely active, up until college when I decided to go a different route. Through college I studied marketing and played intramural sports here and there to stay active. With my current marketing background, I am trying to pivot into the fitness industry and tie marketing in where I can. Currently I am studying for my NASM Certification and will have that by mid next year, or earlier. Ultimately, I am hoping to start kickstart my journey with SweatNET and make my mark in Charlotte.