Studio Highlight: MADabolic

Tried out one of my favorite workouts in Charlotte yet. See what it’s all about below!

Classes Offered

Momentum – Athleticism & Endurance

Anaerobic – Speed & Power

Durability – Stability & Stamina

Skill Level

Intermediate/Advanced: the program is definitely geared more towards athletes/former athletes & those who strive for higher performance during their workouts.

Class Size

25 at South End location

20 at Elizabeth location


50 minutes

Equipment Needed / Attire

Boxing gloves / water bottle (you’ll need it!)

Wear any workout clothing that you’re comfortable sweating in.

The Workout:

MADabolic is exactly what you think it is… it’s MADness. I tried out all three classes (momentum, anaerobic, & durability) and let me tell you they’re intense… but everything you’ll want in a workout if strength and athletic conditioning are your focus. Something just to get out there, if you want to work towards having an athletic build this is 100% the program for you. However, if you don’t then it’s safe to say this won’t be your first choice.

I did my classes at the South End location, but your membership would grant you access to both studios (South End + Elizabeth). The South End location is awesome and in a convenient location right off South Boulevard with plenty of parking in the back. Right when I walked in I was greeted by the trainer. Since it was my first class the trainer showed me around and lent me a pair of boxing gloves, which if you do the 10 days for $10 (new member deal) you will get gloves each time, but after that you must purchase or bring your own. There are lockers around the corner where you can either store your stuff in a cubby or use an actual locker. One thing to note is that the studio is locked once the class  starts and everyone inside will be taking it, so I was completely comfortable just leaving my stuff in a cubby.

Once inside the training studio you will feel that air PUMPING, which you will soon be thankful for. That day’s program will be laid out, both on the floor and on the whiteboard. On the floor you’ll see five different section for each exercise, with each section marked by a different color 2.5 lb. plate (white, blue, blue/gray, gray, and black). These indicate the the weight variations with white being the lightest and black being the heaviest.  

White – Lightest

Blue- Moderate

Blue/Gray – Intermediate

Gray – Heavy

Black – Heaviest  

As soon as it’s go-time, the trainer starts off by walking us through the exercises posted on the whiteboard and lets us know what our pace, intensity, and timing structure would be. Once everyone was squared away with the flow, the trainer then demonstrated each exercise and explained proper form. Form is super important to pay attention to, especially on heavier lift days. However, the trainers are constantly walking around and will let you know if there are ways you can improve. Super, super helpful!

After we got the rundown, the trainer lead us through a thorough warm-up to make sure we were all loose and ready to go. I’d estimate it took about 10 minutes. Once that’s complete you are free to test out the weights in the section you feel is most suitable for you. I found myself consistently at blue (moderate) for all the programs. Pick your section wisely, as you will be there for the duration of the class. By the last round you will be feeling it.

Once the clock starts, the music turns up and you’re in it. By the way, great playlists happening at all the classes. The trainers know the best songs to keep you motivated and the energy up. After the first class I was on a high, my endorphins were going crazy. The workout is challenging in the best way. You will have to push through some pain and you will be sweating…. it’s inevitable. Moving from a weighted exercise, to a bodyweight plyo exercise, to speed & agility, to cardio, and then boxing. Boxing is something they incorporate into every workout.

After the last timer runs down, you’re done! They don’t guide a stretching session, but they do offer foam rollers to use if you wish and you’re always allowed to stay after for a couple minutes to stretch before heading home.

To sum it all up, I loved this workout program. It helps your cardiovascular endurance,  muscular endurance, overall strength, and so much more. It’s a well-rounded workout regime that is sustainable! All the trainers at MADabolic are awesome, as well. Super encouraging, super helpful, and super knowledgeable in the fitness space. If you’re new they’ll walk you through the training program and method behind MADabolic in general.

If this sounds like the best workout to you too, I highly recommend you go check them out! For new members you can purchase 10 days for $10. Find out more information here (scroll to the bottom for the deal).

If you’re a SweatNET member you can save $6 on the drop in rate, making it $19 for a single class (normally $25)! They’re also running a promo for $10 for a single class at 7:30pm on M/T/W. Check out all the deals here.  

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Jenna Colkitt
I grew up playing a multitude of sports and being extremely active, up until college when I decided to go a different route. Through college I studied marketing and played intramural sports here and there to stay active. With my current marketing background, I am trying to pivot into the fitness industry and tie marketing in where I can. Currently I am studying for my NASM Certification and will have that by mid next year, or earlier. Ultimately, I am hoping to start kickstart my journey with SweatNET and make my mark in Charlotte.