Tried out a workout at BodyWorx the other day. Check it out below!

Classes Offered

Group HIIT Hybrid Training – Combine the best of circuit, cross training, bootcamp, cardiovascular and strength.

Skill Level

All levels

Class Size



50 minutes

Equipment Needed / Attire

A water bottle, towel (if you’d like one), and workout clothes and sneakers that you’re comfortable sweating in

The Workout

I arrived bright and early for the 6:00 am class at BodyWorx. Pulled in, hopped out of the car, and headed into the studio. It’s not super bright in there which is awesome in the morning. I was greeted immediately by Russell, one of the trainers, who was sitting at the front desk. He was super helpful in getting me all set up since it was my first time. Once I was all signed in he showed me to the studio where the rest of the class was hanging out and chatting. One thing to note about BodyWorx is they are SUPER community oriented. They have a pretty tight-knit group of regulars that show up to their classes, but don’t let that stop you, they’re all super nice and encouraging throughout the whole thing. Plus, they love to laugh and have a good time which makes the workout environment that much better!

After a quick chat with everyone, I put my stuff in the cubbies and filled my water bottle up… everything you need (cubbies, water fountain, bathroom, etc.) is all in the workout studio itself so it’s super convenient. Once I did that, it was time to get into the workout!

Russell began by running us through the program for the day. We then immediately jumped into the warm-up. For about 10 minutes we did a series of walking stretch exercises to get our bodies warm, plus some static and dynamic  stretching to get the muscles prepared to work. Once we were ready to go, Russell ran us through the program again, but this time demonstrated each exercise. From there we were each individually assigned to an exercise and the circuit began!

The workout was circuit based, with a series of 4 exercises performed for 45 seconds each with a 15 second rest in between. We did it for a total of what I believe was 30 minutes. The circuit consisted of battle ropes, chest press, barbell push press, and plate runs (like a sled run but pushed a plate across the floor). Most of the exercises were pretty dynamic and really worked multiple muscles at once, which is a great way to get a full body workout in a shorter amount of time. My kind of workout! Once we completed the circuit portion, Russell had a little finisher for us. It consisted of 60 reps each of 3 different ab exercises, followed by a short circuit of kettlebell swings, pushups, and burpees. Talk about a finisher…

This workout sounds like a lot, but it really is for everyone! There were always modifications available and various weight options so you could really customize it for your strengths and desired workout. It’s an awesome gym whether your goal is weight loss, increased lean muscle mass, improved body composition, enhanced athletic performance or optimal general physical fitness – this gym will help you achieve your goals! If you’re looking for more than just Group HIIT Hybrid Training, they also offer a FREE 6-week weight-loss challenge, true body evolution, nutrition plans, personal training, and a full-access membership. Check them out and find more information here.

Don’t forget that you can also use your SweatNET membership to get 30% off the drop-in rate! Making it only $7 to try out an awesome HIIT workout at BodyWorx. Check it out here.

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Jenna Colkitt
I grew up playing a multitude of sports and being extremely active, up until college when I decided to go a different route. Through college I studied marketing and played intramural sports here and there to stay active. With my current marketing background, I am trying to pivot into the fitness industry and tie marketing in where I can. Currently I am studying for my NASM Certification and will have that by mid next year, or earlier. Ultimately, I am hoping to start kickstart my journey with SweatNET and make my mark in Charlotte.