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In this Episode, I chat with Halle Hillman. She is the Manager at Orange Theory Fitness in Midtown Charlotte. She is also a Cycling Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, and a Dietician Consultant. We get into Conversation about her being Born into Fitness, Some Struggles that she Had Growing Up, and How She Overcame them. She gets Real Vulnerable as she Shares her Beautiful Story!

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Roman Perryman
My name is Roman Perryman. Former Division 1 Wrestler for WVU(2015 Big 12 Runner-up) and former Nascar Pit Crew Tire Changer for Hendrick Motorsports. Currently working at Lululemon SouthPark while building my Rodan+Fields Skincare business. My fitness journey in Charlotte started at Stax, where I participated in the bootcamps and the crossfit classes. Growing up wrestling and watching combat sports, I had an interest in striking. This interest took me to Rockbox where I enjoyed punching things with good people. From friends and social media, I was introducted to Katie Dixon and the Bloc.clt group that works out at First Ward Park during the week. Most recently, Budokon and C2X have been my Sweat Stage. Getting back to my roots, I needed to get back on the mat. Budokon intrigued me with the martial and movement arts and C2X(Commit to Excellence) has given me a place to give back to the sport of wrestling, the sport that has given me so much. I want to continue to grow the Charlotte Fitness Community, meet new people, and help people find the place where they feel comfortable and confident to work out and better themselves.