From a very young age, I was coined the chubby girl. I tried every diet and counted calories since the age of 12. Then in my 20s, I reclaimed my body back and lost 45 pounds by spending hours in the gym and maintaining a rigorous diet. Sound familiar??? While it worked, it was working hard and not working smart. My body and self-image continued to keep me from true happiness and a sense of contentment I knew was possible but eluded me.

In my early 30s, after giving birth to two healthy kids only 18 months apart I had gained 70 pounds and spending hours at the gym was no longer an option. This is when I came back to a practice I had started many years ago, Yoga and looked for a healthier way to maintain a good balance and become the woman and mother I knew I could be. 

At this time my soul-searching lead me to take the 200HR YTT from the world renowned Yoga Center, Laughing Lotus NYC, directed by Dana Trixie Flynn. This is when I was also introduced to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. As I was looking for a way to balance my physical body, I realized the work was also in my mind and my spirit. Yoga & Ayurveda helped to unite these aspects of myself and I came to recognize I was always whole and had just forgotten. Yoga helped me remember.

My final path to health felt like a giant jigsaw puzzle with lots of missing pieces. As the pieces revealed themselves – nutrition, physical strength, mental flexibility, emotional wellness and spirituality, all pillars of Yoga and Ayurveda, – I began to lose the heaviness in both my physical and emotional body, in an almost effortless manner that I had never experienced before. Today, my life’s mission and passion is to share these ancient practices and sciences with my students and to empower them to gain optimal health and well-being.

After moving from NYC almost 4 years ago you can say I have taken the Charlotte yoga scene by storm, offering my signature, “Chakra Flow,” a vigorous Vinyasa class full of devotion, great beats and a light spirit. Some of my students say, “I’ve never sweat so much and still felt amazing, light and spiritually recharged, as I do when I take Victoria’s classes, it’s like I leave lit up like a rainbow.” 

I will be starting my 3rd session of Yoga Teacher Training here in Charlotte, starting May 31st at Bijou 5 Yoga. It’s a summer intensive, if you are ready to set your soul and practice on fire, this training is right for you. I believe that a YTT is a journey of self-discovery and realization using the yogic philosophies and the Chakra system as the foundations for this exploration. This training is not just for students that want to be teachers but for anyone who wants to be a LIFE LONG Yogi. 

I am offering $400 off this summer session if you mention this post. If you are interested or want more info, please email and mention this blog for your $400 discount. I believe that Yoga and YTT should be accessible to anyone who wants to dive into the deep end of their souls to live a more conscious and enlightened life. 

To learn more information about myself or my yoga teahcer training check out my website or my YTT link here.