Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Anne Stuart Mitchener

My name is Anne-Stuart Mitchener, born and raised in Charlotte, NC I have loved watching the city grow, especially the fitness community. After college, grad school and living abroad I returned home to Charlotte to start my career as a mental health counselor. I found myself in a long 11-12 hour day, 7 days a week schedule and decided I needed to make some time for myself. I started taking barre classes at a studio near my house and it became the only "me" time I had during the week. Being a retired ballet dancer, I fell in love with the class and the studio and three months later started teaching. I fell in love with teaching classes, quit my career and taught and managed the studio full time. Almost a year later, I found a new opportunity in the fitness community and had to take it. It challenged me as an instructor and allowed me to grow my "brand" in this community. I continued to teach barre at this new studio but became so intrigued by all types of different classes and studios in Charlotte. Now, I teach barre, am in training to teach yoga sculpt at Corepower and work at my old Dance studio I grew up at, working in administration for the Academy. I fell in love with the fitness scene a few years ago, and haven't turned back since. M life is chaotic, I'm constantly sweaty, running between studios on a daily basis but I love everything about this crazy life and the people I have met.

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