Thursday, July 18, 2019

Experiences Built for Your Whole and Healthy Lifestyle

SweatNET can help you accomplish your goals. Join the community that wants to see you succeed and will encourage your to challenge yourself!


Studios and businesses give SweatNET members deals and discounts of all varieties. Make fitness more affordable with SweatNET by saving real money around town. Browse a full list of our business partners amazing deals here!


Members of SweatNET are given exclusive FREE access to special events and classes.  Typically SweatNET is hosting 4-6 events FREE for members each month while studio partners are ALSO hosting free classes for SweatNET members.


SweatNET members are encouraged to, and actively engage others to sweat together and build meaningful connections with each other. SweatNET is about having fun, being inclusive, and finding the healthy balance in our hectic lives.


Join the biggest local community with hundreds of members and studios actively engaging and cultivating healthy lifestyles. This isn’t just imaginary. SweatNET is cultivating an amazing community of all backgrounds, shapes, colors, and sizes to come together and sweat. Be prepared to make some new friends who like doing the things you like to do.

Big Savings

When we say “save money” we really mean it. We want you to make your membership fee back after 2 workouts in a month. Many of our studios give such great deals you can do it in one. Currently, our members save on average $60.45 per month around town. The more you sweat, the more you can save with SweatNET!

Amazing Events

SweatNET events are not only usually free for members, but they are often unlike any other fitness event you will find! Anyone can do a free bootcamp in the park (and yes we have those too) but fitness events shouldn’t just have to be burpees in the grass. We want you to have fun AND sweat. We think they go together. You deserve it.

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