Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Studio Membership Subscription

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Thank you for your interest in joining our SweatNET family.

When we first began, our goal was to offer a wide range of fitness styles to a community of those seeking fitness and wellness. As our company grew, we built and tapped into a huge network of Charlotteans who wanted to sweat, gaining insight and knowledge into what it is that truly engages with people looking for studios just like yours.

Ultimately, we understand that your journey towards studio management and ownership began with your love of fitness. Running a studio tends to require extra back-end management, marketing, promotional material, and many other time consuming tasks that may pull you away from where your true passions lie. Handing over these tasks allows you to focus on what you’re best at, while we create curated content to guide eager fitness enthusiasts towards your studio.

More butts on the bikes, a louder Om in the room, and more sweating in your studios.
See you in the studio,

Grace and Erin


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